Kim Kastens

Kim Kastens is a volunteer editor and writer for the Acton Exchange, and serves on the Acton News Initiative Board of Directors.
A multi-colored sky shows behind houses and trees.

Eyes on the (solar) storm

May 16, 2024
In the May 11 issue of the Acton Exchange, we asked for your photos and stories about from last weekend’s rare local view of the aurora borealis. Lauren Rosenzweig caught the lights on camera on Marshall Path in north Acton, though her experience was the same as many.…
Erika Amir-Lin

Q&A with candidate for Acton Water District Commissioner

April 19, 2024
This article is adapted from the website of Green Acton. This year, there is one candidate running for the position of Commissioner of the Acton Water District (AWD): Erika Amir-Lin. This post contains Ms. Amir-Lin’s answers to questions prepared by the Green Acton Water Committee, with the goal…
Side-by-side comparison of the first week of April content in the old blog-style website and the new newspaper-style website.

The Acton Exchange Debuts Redesigned Website

April 12, 2024
On April 9, 2024, the Acton Exchange Team unveiled a redesigned website, with a more attractive layout, more flexible navigation scheme, and capacity for new content types. The URL remains the same as before: The home page of the new site functions like the front page of…
The 2024 Annual Water District Meeting; Alexandra Wahlstrom, Environmental Manager; Barry Rosen, Commissioner; Stephen Stuntz, Commissioner; Erika Amir-Lin, Chair of the Board of Commissioners; Mary Basset, retiring District Counsel.

2024 Acton Water District Annual Meeting  

March 28, 2024
A sparse group of about a dozen Acton voters gathered on Wednesday, March 20, for the Annual Meeting of the Acton Water District (AWD). The AWD is a separate municipal entity from the Town of Acton, with its own governance structure. AWD Annual Meeting is analogous to Acton…
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