Municipal workers take on climate change, biodiversity, and pollution

July 19, 2024
Three young, energetic environmental professionals are working in local government to cut down Acton’s carbon emissions, protect our open spaces, and clean our drinking water: Lauren West, in the Town Sustainability Office; Ian Bergemann, in the Town’s Conservation Division; and Alex Wahlstrom, at the Acton Water District. The current prolonged stretch of hot, muggy weather serves as a reminder of the global warming affecting us all. At a special Town Meeting in 2020, Acton voters overwhelmingly supported a Climate Emergency declaration and set a 2030 goal of net-zero emissions—counterbalancing greenhouse gasses that trap heat in the atmosphere. The climate resolution…
This 2006 image depicted a female Aedes aegypti mosquito as she was obtaining a blood-meal from a human host through her fascicle, which had penetrated the host skin, was reddening in color, reflecting the blood's coloration through this tubular structure. In this case, what would normally be an unsuspecting host was actually the CDC's biomedical photographer's own hand, which he'd offered to the hungry mosquito so that she'd alight, and be photographed while feeding.

Little buggers

July 12, 2024
Quick, what is the world’s deadliest animal? Bears? Sharks? Mountain…


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