Franny Osman

Franny Osman is an Acton News Initiative founding editor and author.
Four kayaks (and six kayakers) on a sunny pond.

Live it up at Disability Pride event at Dunn Pond State Park

July 12, 2024
Every summer, longtime independent living and transportation advocate Lisa Franklin encourages fellow Acton residents to join the annual Disability Pride event, or ADA Day, hosted by the Mass. State Independent Living Council at Dunn Pond State Park in Gardner. Franklin, a thirty-plus year stroke survivor, recalls a member…
A line drawing with a sailboat pulled up on the shore, the setting sun in the background, and two peope walking towards the sailboat.

Acton Exchange takes a vacation

June 21, 2024
The Acton Exchange editorial team is taking a week off. Today’s issue will be the last one in June. The next issue will be published around July 5. We hope you had and have good celebrations on Juneteenth and July 4. Send us your pictures and stories! This…
Two women pose proudly. The mom is smiling broadly and the daughter has her arm over her mother's shoulders. She's wearing the Minuteman blue and gold cap and gown.

High School Graduations, 2024

June 14, 2024
AB High School Class of 2024 graduation goes off without a hitch Students, families and friends gathered on Leary Field on June 7 to celebrate the 407 member Acton-Boxborough Regional High School graduating class of 2024. Principal Joanie Dean recognized graduating students for their resiliency, compassion and positivity,…
A police detective and a woman stand near a large stack of sealed boxes. The officer is opening one box that has been moved to a desk.

Hand Recount Confirms Override Passage

May 24, 2024
On Tuesday morning, May 21, in Room 204 of Town Hall, Acton Town staff and volunteers gathered to recount the votes of the April 30 Town Election, specifically for question 1 about the tax levy override, as the results of the original balloting were close (3191 yeses (49.94%),…
Graphic with headshots of multcultural presenters at the Ask Me Fair with text: Meet us at the Ask Me Fair. Presented by Sargent Memorial Library, Open Door Theater, Think Outside The Vox and Acton Boxborough United Way. What would you ask us? Friday May 31 Session for Families 4-5:30 pm and Session for Adults 6-7:30 at Sargent Memorial Library 427 Mass Ave. Boxborough Register at

Ask Me Fair encourages curiosity

May 24, 2024
Open Door Theater President Sam Gould conceived of an event called the “Ask Me Fair” in 2019, to combat some of the personal antisemitism, ableism and racism that her family and friends experienced in our community. “There is so much othering that occurs in our community and, frankly,…
A printed booklet from the Secretary of State that contains the rules for election recounts.

UPDATED: May 21 recount of override vote

May 16, 2024
UPDATE May 21, 2024: The recount of the override vote occurred as scheduled on May 21. The final tally following the hand count was Yes: 3205 and No: 3161 and Blank: 41, for a total of 6407 ballots. Following a very close ballot vote on April 30 on…
A multi-colored sky shows behind houses and trees.

Eyes on the (solar) storm

May 16, 2024
In the May 11 issue of the Acton Exchange, we asked for your photos and stories about from last weekend’s rare local view of the aurora borealis. Lauren Rosenzweig caught the lights on camera on Marshall Path in north Acton, though her experience was the same as many.…
The sky with the northern lights in full bloom. The sky is purple and green with a few stars showing.

Did you see the northern lights this weekend?

May 7, 2024
Acton night owls are enjoying a rare view of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, this weekend thanks to a geomagnetic storm resulting from an unusually large sunspot . The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wrote on their website, “For many people, the aurora is a beautiful…
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