Acton 250

A man wearing a green polo shirt stands in front of a screen at the Acton Memorial Library. The screen shows a picture of the Edwards house from many years ago.

A fresh look at an old Acton home

June 21, 2024
Monday evening, June 9th brought MIT Professor and Acton resident, David Hardt, to the Acton 250 Committee with a highly detailed and engrossing look into the ownership, construction, and history of one of Acton’s oldest homes. The Edwards house, located at 328 Pope Road on the Concord border,…
An image of a man holding a rifle and the words "Acton 250 Revolution.

“Still Here: Houses of Our Patriots”

June 1, 2024
The second event in the Acton 250 series “Still Here: Houses of Our Patriots” will be a presentation about the Nathaniel Edwards House, 328 Pope Road, on Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m. at the Acton Memorial Library. The speaker will be the house’s co-owner, David Hardt, who…
Photo of Acton 250 presentation and presentors.

A Revolution in the News with Historian Joseph Adelman

February 7, 2024
Looking forward to next year’s 250th anniversary of the start of the American Revolution, the Acton 250 Committee is hosting  a series of lectures by historians, looking back at what the community was like when our nation was born. The third lecture in the series, by Professor Joseph…
Original front entrance to the Acton Memorial Libray, the older brick building part.

A Historical Walk in Acton’s Center

January 17, 2024
The Acton 250 Committee organized its third community event on December 17, a historical walk through the heart of Acton Center. Amy Cole, a local tour guide, historian, and Acton resident, led the walk that explored significant landmarks and shared the rich history embedded in the town center…


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