Nancy Knoblock Hunton

A woman with black hair, big pink glasses, and wearing a purple dress holds an award (the Black Excellence on the Hill Award).

Julie Pierce promotes a vibrant Acton

April 30, 2024
Julie Pierce, Acton’s Economic and Community Development Director, was completely surprised and honored when she recently won a “Black Excellence on the Hill” award from the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus. Unbeknownst to her, State Representative Simon Cataldo, who represents parts of Acton, had nominated her for…
Marie Beam, new CEO of Acton Discovery Museum

Discovery Museum: Advancing Learning Experiences

March 14, 2024
When Neil Gordon, the long-time CEO of Acton’s Discovery Museum, announced he intended to retire at the end of 2023, the Board of Directors of the children’s museum launched a six-month, intensive search for his replacement. But like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” they found their “heart’s…
Fire Chief Anita Arnum

Acton’s Fire Department to the Rescue

February 24, 2024
Fire Chief Anita Arnum and recently appointed Deputy Chief Chris Sammet have amassed 60 years of experience serving the Acton Fire Department. Through those years, they have not only fought fires but have helped people facing a variety of crises, ranging from injuries from a car accident to…
A man leans on a wooden rail. Photo credit: Discovery Museum.

Discovery Museum CEO to Retire

December 5, 2023
Many people’s first introduction to Acton is through its Discovery Museum. This year, the children’s museum is on target to have more than 200,000 visitors—90 percent of them from out of town. In addition, approximately 54,000 students will take part in the museum’s hands-on “Traveling Science Workshops,” which…
Original front entrance to the Acton Memorial Libray, the older brick building part.

Joining the Conversation

August 14, 2023
Each week people from literally all over the world meet in the Acton library to practice speaking and listening to English in a “conversation group.” This small, supportive group gives newcomers to the United States a chance to become more fluent in English and learn about American culture.…


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