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Select Board Notes, 8 July 2024: Dogs, Guns, Dollars, and Goals

July 12, 2024
Resident concerns Mr. Marty Benson thanked then-outgoing Chair Jim Snyder-Grant for his closing remarks as Chair at the May 20, 2024 Select Board Meeting, and reminded the Board of as-yet-unfulfilled records requests. Select Board member minutes Dangerous dog hearing On April 1, 2024 the Acton Exchange reported on…
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Select Board Notes 20 May 2024: Changing of the Guard

June 1, 2024
Residents concerns: The May 20, 2024 meeting of the Acton Select Board began as usual with resident concerns. A resident described his attempt, via internet search, at finding bus service in Acton; he found references to Acton Rides, Cross-town Connect, and others; and he likened his search to…
a pie chart with colored segments; the segments are labeled with town department names

Acton Town Meeting: Town Budget articles pass with ease

May 7, 2024
Article 4: Town Operating Budget The Town Operating Budget, as its name suggests, pays the town’s expenses for the upcoming Fiscal Year (FY) 2025. Those expenses include familiar town services such as the Fire Department, Police, and libraries; those services, and their proportions, are shown in the ‘pie’…

Other Town Meeting articles

Article 1 – Choose town officers On the first night of Town Meeting, the Town Moderator split choosing town officers into two parts, to ensure that the budget articles were discussed and voted on in a timely manner. Part one included all of the uncontested positions, which was…
Graph of spending projects from FinCom for the next several years. The projected shortfall goes from 0 in the FY 2025 to $3.38M in FY 2029 (projected).

April 29, 2024 Select Board meeting: Longer than a marathon

April 30, 2024
At the November 6, 2023 Select Board meeting, the Board approved a reorganization that created a Health and Human Services Department. At the April 29, 2024 Board meeting, Town Manager John Mangiaratti introduced Penny (Penelope) Funaiole, Director of Health and Human Services. Ms. Funaiole, who assumed her role…
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