Women’s Cricket in Acton

June 21, 2024
Two women on a cricket pitch. One is batting, and one is standing behind the wicket (similar to a baseball batter and catcher, but different).
Members of the Warrior Women Sports Club playing cricket. One woman is batting and another serves as wicket keeper. Photo: Nilima Kasar

“Batters”, “score runs”, “gloves”, “balls”. You’d think it’s a baseball game being played in Acton on Saturday mornings, but you’d be wrong. Add to these familiar terms, “overs”, “bowlers” and “openers”, and you know it’s all about cricket at Jones Field from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

The Warrior Women Sports Club is looking for women from Acton and nearby towns who want to learn to play the game and have fun both on and off the field.

Cricket is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in America, after being nudged aside by baseball after the Civil War. And it’s not just the men who are enthusiastic; women are enjoying the sport as well, thanks to a burgeoning Asian-American population.

The game is in some ways similar to baseball: two teams play against each other, with each team taking its turn to bat (scoring runs) and bowl (getting the other team out). The team with the most runs wins or the game ends with a tie. But the game has its own vocabulary identifying players’ positions, actions, and the rules, which makes it interesting to learn.

A woman has her arm back, ready to throw a cricket ball.
A player balling (throwing) the cricket ball in South Acton. Photo: Nilima Kasar

“The game is like another religion in India,” club founder Nilima Kasar said. She spent her childhood watching the game. She has wanted to play here, but didn’t have time until recently. Knowing how popular the game is becoming, she started the club and is its communications and facilities manager.

Members have voiced interest in playing other sports as well, which is in the plans for the future. Kasar is open to the possibility of men helping with coaching. The rules are the same for men, though they play with a heavier ball.

Kasar is eager to attract women who are looking for physical exercise and social connection. “There is no restriction of any kind. Anyone who is interested can join the group,” she says.

A group of smiling women with cricket bats in front of a cricket wicket.
Some members of the Warrior Women Sports Club gather at the cricket field on School Street. Photo: Nilima Kasar

Nilima Kasar is an Acton resident and software development professional.

Janet Furey is a writer and copy editor for the Acton Exchange.


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