Report from Acton Town Meeting, May, 2023

May 8, 2023

May 1 TOWN MEETING may be seen at

Final status of all articles is at:

556 registered voters signed in.

Article 4 passed – Town Operating Budget for $37,382,147.

Article 5 passed – Town Capital – Public Works, Public Safety and Public Celebrations for $375,000.

Article 6 passed -Town Capital, Infrastructure, Design and Construction for $1,435,000.

Article 7 passed – ABRSD Assessment for $71,669,758.

Article 8 passed – Minuteman Regional School District Assessment for $2,912,974.

Article 10 passed – 549 Main Street (Conant Property) Conservation Restriction Appropriation from CPA funds of $1,030,000.

Article 11 Postponed Indefinitely re West Acton Citizens Library Board of Trustees Bylaw. New Trustees were voted in: Annie Channon (3 yrs.); Monica Burke (2 yrs.), Annette Lochrie (1 yr.).

May 2 TOWN MEETINGmay be seen at

383 registered voters signed in. Meeting ended around 12:15am Wednesday.

Article 14 Postponed Indefinitely – Disposition of 13 School St. (parking lot).

Article 15 passed – Zoning for Firearm Businesses.

Article 16 passed – Amend Groundwater Zoning Bylaw.

[Articles 17-33 were on the Consent Agenda. All passed.]

Article 34 passed – Home Rule Petition to Change Minimum Voting Age to 16 for Town Elections.

Article 35 passed – Home Rule Petition for Ranked Choice Voting.

Article 36 passed – Non-Binding Resolution – Economic Development Committee.

Articles 37-46 were brought by Citizens Petitions and were all non-binding resolutions:

Article 37 passed – Sewer Commission Analysis

Article 38 passed – Anti-bias Training

Article 39 passed – Code of Conduct

Article 40 passed – Reduce Transfer Station Sticker Prices

Article 41 passed – Composting Facilities at Apartment Buildings

Article 42 failed – Slow Increase of New Single Family Homes

Article 43 failed – Reduce Size of New Single Family Homes

Article 44 passed – Stop Odd Shaped Lots

Article 45 approved as amended – Renters’ Access to Confidential Health Department Inspections.

Article 46 passed – Kelley’s Corner Improvement Initiative Update.


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