Commission on Disabilities Annual Picnic Returns

September 17, 2023

The Acton Commission on Disabilities (COD) held their picnic on Sunday, September 10, and had both rain and shine… luckily mostly shine. There was a good turn out in spite of weather reports and blocked off roads. Old connections were renewed and new ones were made. The need for additional and more effective supports for people with disabilities was discussed. The next COD meeting will be focused on finding solutions. The food was plentiful and varied and enjoyed by all.

Senator Jamie Eldridge was there as he always is to support the commission, and most welcome.

The highlight for ‘entertainment’ and learning was the Kids on the Block Puppets.

They are life-sized puppets, some disabled, and their friends, learning about disabilities. Our high schoolers are mostly pros now, having started learning and working with them last year. All are seniors now and we are hoping to find new volunteers. One, a ninth grader, joined us at the picnic and performed with only one rehearsal…no one could tell! All it really takes, once you get used to their heavy heads, is caring and understanding. All people are more the same than different.

We used to have performances in our schools with members of the Commission using the puppets. The most informative was when the children asked questions, after the brief skit. It is a special learning opportunity, and important for children to be exposed at an early age, before prejudice sets in! We noted later, when using younger people as puppeteers, that they were learning by performing. Jr. high students are welcome too. Anyone interested in seeing the puppets or learning more, please call Joan Burrows at 978 263 0843 and leave a message.

Young adults with puppets
Acton-Boxborough High School students perform disability-related skits with “Kids on the Block” puppets. Photo Credit: Franny Osman
A group photograph; event attendees
Attendees at Commission on Disability Picnic. Photo credit: Franny Osman


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