Review: Asian Music Festival at NARA Park

August 25, 2023

On a rainbow-kissed Saturday evening after a summer rain, June 24, the Town of Acton hosted a splendid Asian music concert at NARA Park, part of the Town’s summer concert series. Asian families from the community and other residents, including children and grandparents, gathered on the grassy grounds to savor an outdoor, high-quality musical event. The scene was adorned with delicious food and balloons for the children to play with.

The program was a dazzling array of performances, featuring the following highlights:

Seven girls from Angel Dance School danced on stage like seven white lotuses in bloom. The dance “Blessings of the Grassland” primarily featured Mongolian dance, while also incorporating elements of modern dance and ballet. The choreography alternated between classical elegance and exuberant boldness, captivating the live audience and immersing them in the performance.

Musicians put an ancient Chinese poem to music with the traditional Chinese instrument, the pipa, which has a history of over 2000 years in China, and flute and violin. The melodic tones resonated with the poem from the Song Dynasty, over a thousand years ago, capturing its gentle and flowing essence. Young children recited the poem, completing the mesmerizing presentation.

The Japanese band Microjam, composed of musicians David Fiuczynski, Hidemi Akaiwa, Anderson Mirafzali, Noah Benson, and Jonathon Birch from the United States, Canada, and Japan, delivered a distinctive performance. Microjam’s original compositions blend traditional Zen melodies from Japan with jazz music, creating a fascinating musical experience. The three songs they played ignited the atmosphere, prompting the crowd to dance along with the music.

The Town of Acton received financial and organizing help for the concert from the Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council, local small businesses, the Acton Chinese American Civic Society, and other volunteers.


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